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Digital Marketing 9 Months Diploma

Digital media marketing is the practice of promoting goods, services, and brands using digital channels like social media, search engines, websites, email, and other online platforms.



A diploma in digital marketing means becoming an expert in one field by which the person becomes a professional. It after 1also becomes easier for them to gain projects from international companies and They also provide their service as instructors and more. Which helps them to make better connections with the networking community.

Every business needs a digital marketer to promote their business worldwide to gain more traffic and sales on their platform. Digital marketing is the basic and first key for promoting a brand, website, webpage, content and services, etc. Digital marketing is the future of every platform. The person starts their brand to make their name worldwide; the only way to make their name worldwide is through digital marketing. Digital marketing is the only way to promote any field in any place in this unique world. So, Niais is here to make you an expert by providing the best diploma in digital marketing at Arfa tower Lahore. The demand for digital marketing is waiting for you.



A website is the main identity of your brand and platform because the name and the presence of the website leave a memory in people's minds. Building a user-friendly website with unique and easy-to-explain content is the first step to the success of digital marketing.

Landing pages  

Do you know? Websites with more than 30 pages gain 7 times more traffic in competition with simple websites. The trainers of NIAIS give the knowledge and tell techniques in the making of user-friendly websites with more than 30 pages in

Best digital marketing diploma at Arfa tower Lahore.

Web analytics

Niais estimates that marketing budgets for analytics are spent by 6 percent of the business amount on marketing. This is important to ensure that the remaining 94 percent are spent wisely. Web analytics is the best way to observe how a website functions. The trainers of digital marketing diploma at NIAIS tell the students how to analyze the website for better results correctly.

Mobile advertising

The users who download a branded app buy 40 percent more of the brand products and services. Because mobile works as user friendly device the user spends most of their time on social media platforms. Hence, digital marketers take benefit of it by advertising products and services on social media platforms by which a person is showing interest in buying that product and service. Niais provides students with a digital marketing diploma course with expertise and professionalism.

Email marketing.

89 percent of marketers said email is their primary channel for lead generation because it is the common factor of digital marketing that gives information on the promotion of products, and services. Moreover, It is also used to send notifications on upcoming sales, and much more to the subscribers.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the smartest way to promote products online. Advertisers use this digital marketing strategy to only pay when users click on their ads. You pay for each click your ad receives, which is similar to a 'pay as you go' approach. By focusing on engagement and actual user interest, businesses can make the most of their advertising budget.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Seo is used to higher the ranking of any website, web page, social channel, content, and much more. 70 percent of the links search users click on are organic. Search engine optimization depends 50 percent upon content and website interface. Content is the main factor of seo.

Do you know? The user-friendly content which is easy to explain is the common reason.

for website ranking. The trainer of diploma in digital marketing trains the students in the expertise and techniques to do the best seo in their competitors. 

Content marketing

Content marketing is the strategy of distributing attractive and user-friendly content on websites, blogs, products, and service descriptions. Because it is easy for the buyer to easily understand the content

Content marketing increases the user time on the website and also increases the chance of buying products and services by 70 percent.

Explain videos.

Videos explain to the buyer the review of the product and services they are going to purchase. There is more than a 12 percent chance for the brand that buyers buy the product and services after seeing the video. High resolution also increases the percentage of buyers buying because the buyer already sees the product that they are going to buy.


The business that uses infographics increases the average traffic by 12 percent. An infographic can provide the main points quickly, instead of having to read paragraphs of text. To convey a story or explain something, they frequently employ a combination of pictures, icons, and short paragraphs of text.

In digital marketing, infographics are similar to visual storytellers. By using them, information is made more interesting, engaging, and easy to get


Blogging is the main method of gaining traffic and increasing the sales of your products and services.

Blogs in the websites are called the main structure of the website. The websites that give the navigation link of blogs option in their header increase the higher ranking by use of the techniques provided in the best digital marketing diploma by NIAIS at Arfa tower Lahore.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is used for advertising products and services. The brand runs campaigns for the promotion of products and services to gain organic traffic and increase sales. Each social media platform has its campaign module that is used to run ads. Registering yourself for a diploma in digital marketing at Arfa tower Lahore is the best way to find key points and become an expert in running campaigns.

Diploma in digital marketing after 10 class 

Students who complete their matric and want to enter in the world of information and technology and also want to build a powerful connection with networking industries should join this diploma in digital marketing in which they learn the expertise in digital marketing for gaining more traffic and increases the sales of the business. NIAIS, courses, trainers, and institute is best among in Lahore. So, register your self at NIAIS

Diploma in digital marketing after 12 class 

Diploma in digital marketing after 12th is the best option because student is in the age of gaining responsibilities of them self and their home. By choosing to diploma the students are able to called as their skills by others. Because diploma defined as the one professionalism in the one field of information and technology. In networking industry there are huge demand for digital marketer because every business need digital marketer for the promotion of their products and services and in gaining of organic traffic and want to increase sales.


Career counseling and digital growth

In the world of information technology, there is a huge demand for digital marketers because every business needs digital marketers to gain traffic and increase sales with the use of promotion campaigns, seo, content marketing, email marketing, etc. Becoming an expert with a diploma in digital marketing is the best option for your career because you make more connections in the information technology world. and the networking community in comparison to other fields.

Becoming a business strategist  

Becoming a business strategist is like becoming a captain of a high tech ship. The digital marketer makes the business strategy for how to compete with the competitors. The digital marketer first makes the plan for how to do the best seo, content writing, email marketing, and promotion of the website, webpages, social media pages, products, and services. To gain more ranking in competition with the competitors. 

3 months confirm internship in diploma in digital marketing

After completing the best digital marketing diploma at Arfa tower Lahore. Niais calls the students for internships where they get projects to work on it with the help of professional trainers. To build more expertise and professionalism. The expertise and professionalism help the students to make strong connections in networking industries by which they get projects from worldwide easily and make their name worldwide. So, why are you waiting just register yourself to make your career tension free and make your life relaxed.

Support and mentoring for students on the go.

Niais provides students with free mentoring and support for a lifetime by registering their self in diploma in digital marketing. Because NIAIS is here to takes care of its students and answers any questions they ask.

How to sell your skills as services

The trainer of the diploma in digital marketing trains the students on how to sell their skills as services. Some main points are the following:

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Personal Branding

User-Friendly Portfolio

Optimized Online Presence

Clear Service Descriptions

Transparent Pricing

Client-Friendly Communication

Free Resources or Consultations

Trust-Building Testimonials

Expertise Showcasing Content

Visual Appeal

Networking and Collaboration

Continuous Improvement

Major topics covered in the diploma in digital marketing

Introduction to digital marketing

Digital marketing is like using the internet to tell people about a business and its products and services. By advertisements on websites, social media platforms, emails, etc. In any country or any place you gain more targeted traffic and sales. The aim is to reach and establish a connection with customers online, which makes it simpler for businesses to be noticed and for individuals to learn about their offerings. This is the same as marketing a shop, but instead of using traditional methods like flyers, it is done online through the internet to reach worldwide. The trainer of a diploma in digital marketing tells you shortcuts and techniques to gain more traffic and sales through campaigns.

Website essentials for marketers

Having a great website with an attractive user friendly interface and almost 30 pages filled with user friendly content that explains everything about the products and services and attracts the buyer increases the chances of buying and it is the basic essential for marketers.

Case studies of seo, sem, and social media

By using the correct way of doing seo, sem, and social media promotions the business can increase its ranking and sales in competition with competitors. Seo is used to higher the ranking of your website on search engines. Sem is used for the promotion of your website or webpages on search engines and running ads on your webpages or websites. Social media is used to run campaigns on your social media pages, products, and services to gain more traffic and sales.

Hosting and domain

Hosting and domain are the basic structure and identity of your website. Hosting is the server of the websites that host your websites on search engines and the domain is the identity of your website that works as the name of the business on search engines. The trainer of NIAIS of diploma in digital marketing at Arfa tower Lahore gives knowledge about where to buy hosting and domains for websites

Seo in content writing and keyword research

Keyword researching is the main process of ranking websites on top of search engine results. Keywords are used in content to optimize the results of search engine searches. But the use of correct keywords at the right place in content is the secret of search engine optimization (seo). The knowledge of This technique of finding correct keywords and putting them in the right place of content by measuring word differences is provided by NIAIS trainer of diploma in digital marketing in Lahore


Understanding paid search advertising in digital marketing is like paying for appears on the top of search engine results when people search for something online. This is a unique method for promoting your business to someone who is actively searching for your services.

Crafting compelling ad copies

Effective advertisements highlight the positives and importance, of managing the specific needs of buyers, making them more likely to respond and be interested. It's like telling a cool story that makes them want to check it out. Advertisements that underline good things, create a feeling of importance and directly address what people want, increase their chance of response and interest.

Campaign setup and optimization.

There are different social media platforms on which the brand runs the campaign to gain more traffic and sales. The main thing is to set the campaign correctly and after setting the campaign and running the ad. They do their optimization for better results. A diploma in digital marketing includes the best way to optimize ads.


Digital marketers use pay per click (PPC) to pay advertisers only when users click on their ads after searching specific keywords. Like a price tag, cost per click (CPC) shows advertisers the cost they pay for each click on their ad.

Ab testing and performance

A/B testing in digital marketing is a way to analyze the results of different performances of something. Let's say you have two different ads A and B. You display them to various people to observe which one receives a more favorable reaction. It helps figure out what changes can make your marketing work perform better, such as increasing clicks or sales.

 Visual marketing

Digital marketing involves the use of pictures, videos, and graphics to catch people's attention and convey messages. It's like telling a story with images instead of just words. Social media posts can include graphic elements such as eye-catching graphics, attractive videos on websites, or creative images in email campaigns. Here's how you can do it in simple terms:

Know Your Audience

Craft Catchy Subject Lines

Keep Messages Clear and Simple

Create Attractive Designs

Include a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Personalize Your Emails

Test Before Sending

Monitor and Improve Performance

Respect Privacy and Include Unsubscribe Option


Applying digital marketing strategies to a real-world project

Adding digital marketing strategies to a real-world project is like transforming your project with a unique, user friendly, and attractive interface. First, you create eye-catching ads and posts that pop up on social media. You send out exciting emails. Additionally, you utilize results on search engines, making it as straightforward. Digital marketing is like hosting the most popular online party, where everyone is invited to enjoy themselves with your awesome project! So why are you waiting? Just register yourself for a diploma in digital marketing to enhance your career in the digital world.


Choosing NIAIS, is a great idea because we offer students the courses in which they learn expertise that help students to gain projects from worldwide easily in which they show their expertise and make a great connection in networking industry. Our trainers are smart and have lots of experience in the real world of computers. Students can obtain a diploma in digital marketing training at NIAIS in Lahore which is beneficial for their knowledge and future careers.

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