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Shopify is a user friendly ecommerece platform where a person develops an online store for the brand or business. Shopify store development is easy because it provides easy-to-maintained or ready-to-setup themes and applications that help the Shopify store developer to make a store user friendly and attractive for the user and website owner and Shopify provides the best payment gateway in the continuous time of the digital world.

Why ecommerce store?

The e-commerce store becomes the need of every person who wants to set up their brand or business online to gain more traffic and better sales. Almost every person must be available online through the internet on different electronic and smart devices like mobiles and laptops. Most users spend their time on the internet where they perform various activities like discussing topics with each other and doing business, shopping, and more. that why? Every physical store owner wants to convert their store, business, and brand identity from physical to online to sell products and services online. So, if a person wants to learn and become an expert in Shopify NIAIS Institute provides the best Shopify course in Lahore, Pakistan.

Local and international Shopify store

So, Shopify works the same for both local and international markets. As a starter starting a local Shopify store is a great option for converting the brand, and business identity from physical to online. Where local reach on the website or store. After gaining effective reach in the online store of the person's business, brand. Owner converts their store to internationally to gain more traffic and sales and also to make their brand, and business trusted worldwide and make memory of their brand, and business through their name in people's minds. But on the other side, there is an easy option of Shopify drop shipping. That helps the person to start their new business worldwide as a white labeling and more. The trainers of NIAIS Institute also give knowledge about drop shipping to the students in the Shopify course in Lahore. Which helps them to build good and strong connections in the information and technology industries.

Shopify white labeling dropshipping

The best way to start white labeling is to contact the manufacturers of that product and give them the name of the brand the owner wants to start. By which the manufacturers add the store owner's brand name on that product. And the owner can easily sell their product. Giving the person greater control over their brand image and customer experience. By building a strong brand identity, the owner can differentiate themself from competitors and attract loyal customers. But it's important to the owner that their supplier provides good quality and effectively manages customer expectations. Regarding shipping times and product availability. However, with the right strategy and focus. Shopify course in Lahore is the best option for becoming an expert in drop shipping.

Develop a Shopify store

Here is a step-by-step guide for developing a Shopify store provided by a trainer of a NIAIS diploma in Shopify in Lahore


So what is a domain? The domain is the identity of your brand and works as the name of your brand, or business. Firstly the person needs to buy a domain through different platforms that provide domain registration. After, buying the domain the person needs to connect the domain to their Shopify store through the settings domain section


Here is one advantage to developing a Shopify store a person does not need to buy hosting because Shopify provides their own hosting in their plan& pricing. For knowledge, Hosting is like a server where a person stores and maintains their website data, and files which go live, and after that, the user accesses the website. So, in short, hosting is the grey structure for the website.  


One more advantage of Shopify is that Shopify provides free themes as well as premium themes that are easy to maintain and by use of creativity the person or developer makes that theme user friendly and attractive.

Payment gateway

Shopify provides a payment gateway option because Shopify is the best e-commerce platform.

The user can easily connect their bank account to the Shopify store by which the store owner easily receives the payment after selling their product and services. If, you want to learn more about Shopify and  if you want the world to call you a Shopify expert you just need to enroll in a Shopify course in Lahore by NIAIS

Demand of Shopify expert

Do you know? A Shopify developer also sells the stores on a freelancer platform where they get a minimum of 100 dollars $ for a premium store. As we first discussed Shopify is an e-commerce platform that is popular worldwide and that allows businesses to create and manage online stores easily because Shopify is only user friendly ecommerce platform. However, an expert Shopify developer creates a user friendly and attractive store because they know how to maintain the theme correctly and how to correctly use each option and the advantages provided by Shopify. A trainer of Shopify course in Lahore, Pakistan by NIAIS trains the students on how to create a Shopify store that looks premium, user friendly, and attractive. So, enroll in the Shopify course in Arfa Tower Lahore because NIAIS gives valuable discipline and comfort along with expertise in the course.  

Product hunting for Shopify store

If a person wants to start their own ecommerece store but they don't have any product so there is an option that is called product hunting and product sourcing. In product hunting a person finds a trending product that is most demandable in the market. After finding the best product and calculating the profit margin excluding shipping packing and product rate. The person adds the product to their store.

Product sourcing for Shopify ecommerce store

After finding the product the next thing that comes to mind is product sourcing. Product sourcing is known as finding the best quality product at a low rate and a great margin from different vendors or wholesale markets. However, in the international market, the store owner finds vendors online and physically from different countries that supply the same product to the buyer. The store owner needs to verify that vendor is sending genuine products.

Understanding shipments and local cod

Shopify gives one more advantage to their users and store owners Shopify provides you with the best and different courier companies with shipping rates according to the weight but if you want to do it locally so best option is cash on delivery which is known as COD because the buyer becomes tension free to take that product is genuine or not genuine. If student enroll themself in the Shopify course in Lahore the trainers provided by NIAIS share more tricks and tips with students.

Advertise products through campaigns.

If a store owner wants to increase their sales and wants to gain more traffic as soon as possible. So, the best way is to run ad campaigns on different social media platforms for the products or services they want to sell. Because most persons on the internet must have a social media account and they spend their most of time on it so running an ad campaign is the best and most effective way to increase sales and traffic and makes strong brand identity online. The trainer provided by NIAIS to the students of the Shopify diploma in Lahore also trains and ensures that the students can easily run effective ad campaigns with good results.


Niais trainers provide their students with expertise and professionalism in the courses in which they enroll. Niais trainers help their students to build a strong and good connection to digital industries by which the student easily gets the projects. Niais is located in Pakistan's best information and technology point which is known as Arfa Tower Lahore. by which the student mind has more strength in focusing on the I.T field. Enroll yourself in Pakistan's best Shopify course in Arfa Tower Lahore.

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